Welcome to the website of the Dutch Whistleblowers Authority. The Whistleblowers Authority is for people who want to report an abuse in the workplace within the public and private sectors. We provide advice, support and, if necessary, carry out investigations. We also provide information on integrity policy to employers. Our service is confidential, independent and free of charge. The Authority thus wants to make a contribution towards ending abuses in the work environment.

The Whistleblowers Authority Act, which came into force in the Netherlands on 1 July 2016, underlies the establishment of the Whistleblowers Authority. This Act obliges all organisations in the Netherlands with more than 50 employees to introduce an internal reporting procedure for reporting abuses. The Act also bans retaliation against the reporters who have reported a possible abuse in the proper manner. An English version of the Act can be found here.


Anyone who suspects an abuse in the workplace can obtain confidential and free advice from one of the advisors of the Whistleblowers Authority. This is, however, subject to the condition that it concerns an abuse with a public interest, which is work-related and based on a reasonable suspicion.

If you believe that your situation meets this condition and you need advice, please contact one of our advisors at: advies@huisvoorklokkenluiders.nl.


If the reporter of a particular situation qualifies as a ‘whistleblower’, under certain conditions an investigation can be carried out at the request of the whistleblower. We conduct investigations into the abuse itself or into the way the employer treated the whistleblower as a result of a report.


Preventions of whistleblower cases also begins with integrity within organisations. Our preventions department  makes an effort to promote and improve integrity within organisations by doing research. Please contact our Prevention department via kenniscentrum@huisvoorklokkenluiders.nl for more information on prevention.

More information & publications in English

For more information about the Dutch Whistleblowers Authority please contact us via info@huisvoorklokkenluiders.nl or find out more via our publications in  English.

European network on integrity and whistleblowing

The Network of European Integrity and Whistleblowing Authorities (NEIWA) exchanges practical knowledge and experiences in the field of integrity in general and whistleblowers in particular.

The participating authorities are:

  • Autorità Nazionale Anticorruzione (Italy)
  • Défenseur des Droits (France)
  • Federaal Ombudsman (Belgium)
  • Huis voor Klokkenluiders (The Netherlands)
  • MFSA (Malta)
  • Vlaamse Ombudsdienst (Belgium)
  • Wirtschafts- und Korruptionsstaatsanwaltschaft (Austria)

News release about the establishment of NEIWA.



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